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January 28, 2022

What can you customize in RAWGraphs?

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RAWGraphs is conceived as a tool to create semi-finished visualization that can be exported in open formats that can be easily edited with vector graphics editors. In order to have easy to edit open outputs, we decided to limit the possibility of customization within the software. 

This doesn't mean that the visualizations made in RAWGraphs can’t be used as they are. We mean that we preferred to limit the style options to just a few that are important to make the visualization readable. That’s why you can’t change the font or the colors of the axis for instance. To know more which tools you can use to edit the visualization created with RAWGraphs take a look at the … (link to the list of tools)

In this guide we would like to guide you through the main customization options that you find on the right side of the visualization and provide an overview of the options available for each chart.

Artboard options 

In RAWGraphs we have some general options that are common to all the charts that are grouped under the category “Artboard”. 

These options are:

  • Width (px): the width of the artboard in pixels
  • Height (px):  the height of the artboard in pixels
  • Background: the color of the background in hexadecimal colors
  • Margin (top, right, bottom, left): the space around the visualization. This is important to set when you have long labels that are cutout from the artboard.  
  • Show legend: the possibility to show the color and size legend on the top right corner of the artboard
  • Legend width: the width of the legend.

Other options

According to the chart, different options might be available under the section "Chart".

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