Latest update:
January 28, 2022

How to export your visualization and how to edit it

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When you create a visualization you will be able to export the visualization it the following formats:

  • .svg
  • .png
  •  .jpg
  • .rawgraphs

To export the visualization simply write the file name, select the format and click on “Download”

.png and .jpg

These are two of the most common rater image formats and they work well if you want to include the visualization in a publication as it is or in a slideshow. Since they are raster formats you can’t edit the single elements of the visualization such as texts, shapes, axis etc.


.svg is an open vector image format and it’s compatible with most of the graphic design softwares and it’s also web friendly. 

Here is a list of softwares you can use to edit svg files:

When you open the .svg file in these softwares you will notice that the file is organized in layers in order to ease your workflow.

Now it's up to you. Change colors, fonts, strokes, etc. as you like.

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