Latest update:
January 28, 2022

How to load and format your data for RAWGraphs

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RAWGraphs accepts only data in the form of a single table. 

Data can be loaded in the following ways:

  • Paste from a table
  • Load a file in tabular format
  • From a URL
  • From a SPARQL query
  • From one of our data samples
  • Opening a .rawgraphs project

Load a file

If you want to load your data from a file click on “upload your data” and select a file from your computer. 

The accepted formats are:

  • .tsv
  • .csv
  • .dsv
  • .json

If you are working with Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, Open(Libre)Office or any other software to work with data, you can easily export your table in these formats. 

Wait! You are a beginner and you want to know how to understand the essentials of data management? Follow these great online courses.

Load a JSON file

In order to correctly parse a JSON file, you have to first select with level of the nested structure you want to transform in a table.

Can I work with confidential data? Do you upload your data to a server?

Even though RAWGraphs is a web app, the data you insert will be processed only by the web browser. No server-side operations or storages are performed, no one will see, touch or copy your data.

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