Latest update:
January 28, 2022

How to update data and how to work with projects

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After you load correctly a dataset in RAWGraphs you will able to create a visualization in just a few steps. But what if you want to update the visualization with new data?

In RAWGraphs 1.0 you had to reset and start from scratch but in RAWGraphs 2.0 we added a couple of features to ease your work. 

If you are working on a visualization and you want to update the dataset you can simply click on “Change data” on the left of the table. If the headers of the dataset 

If the new dataset has the same columns of the previous table, the new data will appear and the project is updated with the new data. 

If the columns of the new dataset have different headers, aka different columns, a message will appear telling you that the data mapping of the project requires certain dimensions. If you decide to load the new data anyway, the mapping will be reset.

What is a .rawgraphs project?

A .rawgraphs project is a single file containing the data, the mapping and the customization options. This will allow you to share the project with other people and replicate the same visualization. To update the data you have to follow the same steps presented above.

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