Share your work on the RAWGraphs gallery

Many users from different fields use RAWGraphs in their workflow to make sense of their data and create stunning visualizations that are published on magazines, newspaper, website and academic papers.

Since the last release of RAWGraphs and the new sponsorship of Contactlab, one of our main goal was to engage more with this community.

The first step in this direction is the creation of a section on our website where RAWGraphs users can share and showcase the most interesting use of the tool.

We wanted to start from here for mainly two reasons:

  • understanding how the tool is used by the users will help in developing new features
  • showing the best visualizations done in RAWGraphs can help other users understanding the possibilities (and the limits) of the tool

So if you have used the tool in the past and you want to showcase the results please use this form.

No matter if they are personal projects, published or not. We are interested in any kind of usage, even “misuse” of the tool (which we believe are particularly interesting). You can also share your work on Twitter using the hashtag #madewithRAW or #RAWGraphs.