More details about the crowdfuding campaign

Hi! In a few days we will launch the crowdfunding campaign. We will be grateful if you support the project and spread the voice!

Meanwhile, some updates: in this post, you will find a preview of the perks we will provide. Don’t you find the one right for you? Write to us, we can find custom solutions!

Before, few works on the campaign. It will last 60 days (until the 30th of December), starting from the 1st of October.

The big effort will be to reach the milestone of 33K euros: with that, we will be able to develop the core code needed for version 2.0 and the main new features. The campaign will be anyway flexible, meaning that even if we won't reach that goal, we will work according to the founding we manage to collect.

If we will overpass that goal (which we really hope 😊), we defined stretched goals to reach: read the previous post see them.

At the end of the campaign, according to the reached goals, we will spend the following year in its development.

Therefore if you like RAWGraphs, and if there are some features you’d like to see, this is the right moment to contribute!

The following list is what we have in mind so far, but it could be slightly changed according to your feedbacks before the launch!

List of perks:

  • 20 €: Thank you. We will write your name as a supporter in a dedicated page on our website!
  • 30 €: Thanks and early access. We will write your name in a dedicated page on our website and you will get early access to the development version of RAWGraphs. This means that you will be able to use the latest version, pre-built and hosted on a dedicated (and password-protected) website, without having to wait for the official release.
  • 50 €: Be part of the decision process. All of the above and the possibility to participate in a poll to choose which charts you want to have in RAWGraphs. Focused survey - priorities.
  • 200 €: A one-day workshop in Milan (max 20 people - 10 per session). A full day hands-on workshop with the RAWGraphs team to learn how to use RAWGraphs and the basics of data visualization. No prior knowledge required.
  • 500 €: Bronze sponsorship You will become an official sponsor of RAWGraphs. We will put your logo on the website (4,000 unique visitors every week) and we will keep you posted on how the development is going on.
  • 750 €: Silver sponsorship. Same as bronze, but your logo will be bigger!
  • 1000 €: Gold Sponsorship. Same as silver, even bigger and with a sponsored post on the blog about your support.
  • 5000 €: Custom version (max 5). Have you ever dreamt about having a custom version of RAWGraphs for your enterprise? Custom logo, colors, fonts and templates to create beautiful visualizations with the same style of your company.

As always, let us know what do you think about it!


Note (30/09/2019): we have received some feedback about our perks and we decided to give away "Thanks and early access" for 50€ instead of 30€ and "Be part of the decision process" for 100€ instead of 50€. Do you have questions about the perks? Contact us at